The complete process of financing an investment project under the BiH-SME-CSF credit line has less than 10 steps. The Project Consultant is always available to answer any questions and to help with the speedy and efficient processing of every loan application. The steps are:


  1. Starting the process may take place in various ways either by contacting the Partner Banks or for example, by submission of an application form.
  2. The Project consultant will review the application form and the information given to the Partner Bank and, usually after a first contact with your Company, give an opinion on the probable eligibility of the project and your company
  3. The Partner Bank will then carry out a preliminary credit screening to check the credit credentials of your company.
  4. After the Partner Bank has confirmed interest in financing a loan, an Engagement Letter signed by the borrower is required to be submitted to the EBRD. The Engagement Letter exonerates the EBRD from any liabilities with regard to the project or the loan and is a pre-requisite for further processing.
  5. The Project Consultant then arranges with you a site visit and prepares what is called a Compliance Audit, an Alignment Plan and Investment Plan, with your support.
  6. The Partner Bank does a final financial review and the decision to finance the project is made within a short period of time.
  7. The implementation of your project follows; monitoring of progress is done by the Project Consultant.
  8. Once the project is completed you will be asked to sign a CVR check list to be addressed by the Pc to a Verification Consultant ( VC ) The VC will contact you directly and arrange a site visit to check the correct completion of the project and issue a report to EBRD and the PB triggering the payment of the incentives.
  9. Disbursement of the incentive payment by the Participating Bank.

During the entire process, the Project Consultant is available to answer questions and give advice - free of any charge to you.

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